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Dog Grooming by Alison - Pamper Your Four Legged Friend

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MasieMe and my lovely dogs

Paddy the YorkieGizmo the ShitzuLouis the Poodle crossBella the Maltese crossFlo the Shitzu Pops the CockerpooMasie the Maltese crossLuna my baby girlMaddie Poodle crossbefore and after feet on a LabMasie in a summer trim with smooth earsAlfie the mini YorkieBo the PomTeddy the Poodle crossBella the MalteseHolly the mini Yorkie

Penny the CockerpooGizmo Tilly Tibetan Maltese cross

Ralph the Bichon
Betty the Bedligton
Holly the mini Yorkie
Mattie the Portuguese Water spaniel

Murphy the Mini Schnauzer
Bo the Lasa


Jodie unkown breedRileyDouble the Shitzu Dililah Yorkie Shitzu  crossTilly the ShitzuDexter the DoodleTheo the mini SchnauzerWhat a beautiful girl and only 8 months old !MaddieBomolly the mini YorkieDiesel the CockerpooMollyMarley the DoodleSid the Poodle Shitzu cross

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